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- After booking, send me a mail at [email protected] with all the references and an explanation of your idea, in alternative contact me on discord at caffeinatedrogue#2801
- If you send screenshots please note that skintones and colours might be warped due to in game lighting, so provide me with accurate swatches in that case. If you have photo faceclaims send them, I prefer references that are on the realistic side.
- Feel free to be as descriptive as you’d like for stuff you don’t have precise references of, or even your character story and attitude - I’d rather have more information than not enough.
- I'm fine with being given artistic freedom, so if you want to see what I come up with and let me run with it, go ahead! If you have a specific idea in mind however, be as precise as needed. a good rule of thumb is ''anything you want to see in the picture, tell me and provide references for''.

You will typically receive:
1. a sketch, rough but with all the main elements fleshed out, that you will have to approve
2. several WIPs, usually one after each session of work/key points of progress
3. A preview of the final work
Please check your email/messages frequently once you know I have started, I work on very few pieces at a time so the progress is quite fast.
During the sketching phase you can request any change or addition. If you’re indecisive about something, this is the moment where it’s possible to ‘try it’ and see if it works or not - so ask freely because it might not be possible to switch it up later if you have a change of heart.After the sketching phase:
- You can always request : color corrections, small changes, addition of small details (i.e. jewelry, scars, tattoos etc) for free.
- You can request more significant changes (i.e., significant redesign of an outfit) or additions but I might charge for them (15EU per additional hour of work) unless it was due to me misunderstanding references/directions.
- I might not accept, even with charge, changes that are too big and/or requested when I’m at an advanced stage of the work, because it can be technically not possible or result in bad quality: please take a little time to observe the WIPs I send you and give me feedback.

TIMELINE AND PAYMENT- Payment is handled via a PayPal invoice sent by me, if you’re unable to use this method please say so in advance so we can work out an alternative such as ko-fi.
- Payment is 50% when the sketch is approved and 50% when I am almost finished. You will only receive a final version when the invoice is paid in full.
- I do NOT request any money before starting to work on your piece, so you are free to cancel your commission at any time up until I start sketching. If so, you should communicate it to me as soon as possible.
- The payments are non-refundable unless I am unable to finish your commission for any reason, in that case you will be issued a full refund.
-As I usually work on two to three artworks at the same time max., it might take some time for me to begin work on your piece. This may vary depending on my other commitments or unforeseen circumstances. After I start I am usually quite fast and you will receive lots of WIPs, but very complex works in particular might take a longer time. Any relevant delay will be communicated.
- I can work on deadlines, but there might be additional charges for them. Any deadline must be requested when you first contact me, as I can’t guarantee to be always able to accept. If you ask for a deadline I expect you to respond in a timely manner when I send WIPS and such.
- tips are not expected but super appreciated as they help me a great deal <3

- I will draw: any fandom and character and pairing, mild nsfw (partial nudity etc), aliens/anthro/lizardy characters are fine (think turians from ME and khajiit and argonians from Skyrim),
- I won't draw: explicit NSFW, furries (am just not good at it folks), any kind of racist/lgbt+phobic/etc content, full on mechas, extreme gore/violence. I reserve the right to turn down anything not included in this list that makes me uncomfortable or that I feel is too much for my abilities.

TERMS OF USEThese artworks are made for personal use only. You are allowed to make use of this artwork in any way you see fit as long as it’s for personal enjoyment and not for monetary profit.
This includes original characters you hold intellectual property of: you can showcase the artwork online to generate interest for your project but you can not , for example, make prints to sell from it.
Artwork intended for such commercial use is subject to different pricing and terms of use to be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis - contact me.
I reserve the right to showcase the art on my social media and in my portfolio.

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